That’s All Folks!

Class recap

As the quarter comes to an end, I reflect upon what I’ve learned through running this blog.

I have learned that I know NOTHING about 47% of the topics in the digital marketing world. BUT!  Thankfully after this class, I know twice as much!

Wait. What?

I guess I mean to say that the internet is a universe all on its own that is just as infinite as the one we live in (maybe it’s not infinite, but you get the point).  While I have acquired new knowledge through research and exploration in MKTG 476, I know that I will forever be examining the internet, reading endless amounts of articles, on never-ending, new and emerging digital marketing topics.

That is not to say it will be a drab task.  I have learned that digital marketing topics are fun and relevant and I am excited to continue on this quest for more knowledge.

I am happy to say that I have been equipped with many tools this quarter that will help me on my journey – so much so that my utility belt is practically falling off of me from the weight of it all.

In the end – This isn’t the end.  I plan to continue this blog past the end of the term and hopefully add many more interesting topics.




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