Does Privacy Exist on the Internet?


Social media is obviously no longer the place where people can air their dirty laundry.  Many employees have been fired for tweets, photos and statuses on their Facebook and even posts to forums like Reddit.  An Applebees employee was fired after her friend posted a picture to r/Atheism on Reddit of  a receipt from a pastor with “I give God 10% why do you get 18?” written as the tip.

Mashable wrote an article about what the internet knows about you. By now, no one should be surprised that the answer is “a lot.” There are apps like Zillow that can tell you how much someone paid for their house or sites like that list mugshots by state. “Now with the Internet and databases, public records are easy to distribute and see.”

Privacy issues are popping up all over the place with regards to the internet, but people still share their lives online.  If I do a Google search for myself, I can find my Facebook, personal website, Pinterest, twitter account, LinkedIn, G+ profile, Grooveshark account, articles I’ve written for my internship, an online shopping account I have and even my fathers obituary from 2007.

Protecting privacy is a chore that a lot of people are interested in, but don’t make the effort to follow up on.  There are tools out there, like MyPermissions Cleaner that are build to combat this problem.

In the end – We all keep sharing information even though most of us know that in one way or another it can be found floating around the internet. There are some pieces of information that we can’t really control.  There are a lot of questions about how much information companies and organizations should be allowed to keep on us.  And as far as the things we have control over out there, it is a hard line to straddle between personal expression and being marketable.


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