This 21-year-old college student spent two hours on Codecademy, can change font colors, and is blogging about it

Late one night, about a month ago. I read an article on VentureBeat titled, “This 12-year-old kid learned to code on Codecademy, built 5 apps, and is speaking at SXSW.”   I thought to myself – if he could do it, so could I! So I got pumped-up, signed myself up for Codecademy, and sat down with a strong cup of tea.  Then I did two whole lessons, fell asleep, and I haven’t signed in since.


Luckily, coding is the topic for my upcoming digital marketing class and I was required to spend two hours on it.  This is how far I got:


I learned the fundamentals of HTML, how to add structure and style, how to make tables and lists, and how to add images and links.  It was a successful two hours.  Some of the beginning lessons were reminiscent of things I was taught in computer class in elementary school – funny enough, I was also very pumped on coding then, but I got distracted with the photo editing software (read: MS Paint) and fell in love with graphic design instead.  There’s another article on VentureBeat about the benefits of elementary school kids learning to code (looking back, it was weird that my school had even basic HTML, since I never thought of my small island to be very progressive).


The above is where I stopped-getting into CSS.  I’m looking forward to sneaking more coding lessons into my life.  Codecademy breaks lessons up into small, very manageable and easy-to-follow chunks.

Computers are everywhere.  Coding is important.  Just watch this video from

The best part; coding is useful everywhere and Marketing is not an exception.  According to an article from Moz about how technical skills are becoming a requirement for success in online marketing, “a great technical marketer can devise, develop, launch, and analyze their marketing campaigns with little or no assistance.”

In the end – coding can take you to a lot of different places (including one of those swanky offices in the video above) and can be a support tool in many areas of your personal and professional life.


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