The Happy Marriage Between Paid Media and the Sister-wives: Earned and Owned Media


Paid, earned and owned media have been in a happy, committed relationship for a long time.  If you haven’t heard about it, here is a quick overview from Hootsuit:



Like a good marriage, each partner does their own chores.

According to an article from Marketing Week, “promoting content is about using both paid and earned media to complement each other and achieve reach.”

Owned media and earned media are pretty tight and they normally get most of the praise.  More recently they have been clumped together as shared media, as Fast Company calls it.  They say that “the criteria for successful content must increasingly include reuse and sharing measures.”

But paid media is important, and growing for a reason.  It is a dependable way for companies to reach their audiences, but I guess no one has ever found “dependable” to be an exciting trait.


Also like a good marriage, each person has to be supportive (especially with a trio).

Seven, a content marketing group, says that “You can’t control where or how the consumer encounters your brand but you can ensure that your messaging is consistent across all channels – including paid, owned and earned – and you can aim to give people a consistent experience of your brand wherever they are.”

Basically, each type of media needs to tell the truth and have the same vision.


Quick question: Why is it that so many people want to see the demise of so. many. things?


It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

No matter how you get your content around, it has to be quality.  If nothing else is true, this is.  Here is a great slide share from Stefanos Karagos, the founder of XPLAIN, a digital marketing company based in Switzerland. He’s smart and the presentation is pretty – check it out:


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