Social Media – A Monster or a Miracle?

Social media is extensive and growing – in numbers and in apps.  It is important to have an online presence – whether you are a business or a an individual or an organization trying to sell an idea – you won’t exist without one.

BUT having one is not enough.  Social media needs to be used as a tool and should not be abused.

Social media can be a monster or a miracle.  One tweet can get a lot of publicity, for good, or for bad…or for really bad.

Here’s a short checklist of things to avoid:

Don’t be narcissistic.


Yes, you are selling your brand or yourself, but there are better ways to do it than bragging. ***Spoiler alert: it has to do with genuine content to draw people in (sounds like inbound marketing).


Don’t be generic

Try to keep reposts and  retweets relevant to your goals.


Don’t neglect platforms

connect social media

Tools like buffer can help you share your posts across multiple social networks, so that you don’t have to kill yourself trying to be witty all day long.


In the end – While it is very easy to turn social media into a monster, it is not as easy to turn it into a miracle. Actually, I would say it is impossible – miracles don’t exist.  Good social media happens through a lot of time, feedback, and measurement.  Tools like Hootsuit help to connect all of your profiles while tracking analytics.  The kinds of information you can come up with using data from social media networks is going to change the way we communicate at a very quick pace.


2 responses to “Social Media – A Monster or a Miracle?

  1. Also, miracles usually need a little help. When social media is integrated with other inbound tactics, I think it would be more successful #newgirl is fantastic

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